David Cundy is an Australian composer, based in Melbourne. You can read his biography here. You can listen to music here and you can download sheet music here.

David says: “my focus is on contemporary classical music as a means to listening pleasure. I choose to write music that I would, and hope others, enjoy listening to. I find that much of the serious contemporary music we hear these days seems to be an experiment, art for art’s sake, and is very angular and jarring, but I want music to soothe the soul, to please the ear, to relax to. So, a lot of my music sounds, perhaps, a little old-fashioned. Definitely, most of it is written in “traditional tonality”, quite deliberately. It has been described as neo-romantic in style. Having said that, however, I am interested in pushing the boundaries of tonality a little to see how far I can go without it becoming unpleasant. Beauty is, of course, in the ear of the beholder, so what may be unpleasant to me, might be gorgeous to another. For me, it is a journey, a collection of my life’s work – one which, I hope at the end of my life, others will say that it has value in one way or another.”