About me


David has been involved in music since early childhood. Showing early promise after commencing piano studies at the age of 6, it was soon discovered that he has perfect pitch, a strong understanding of harmony and an extraordinary ability to improvise. He ws the school pianist at his local primary school and taught himself the pipe organ at secondary school and took over all piano and organ duties. As an adult, David has worked in a number of positions, including as an assistant recording engineer, during which he gained a Certificate in Audio Engineering.

David has worked in many IT support and Sysadmin roles, whilst always still having a love for music. He learnt the harp and worked with several flautists, playing for weddings and parties and for Arts Centre Melbourne. This culminated in the recording of 9 CDs for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, produced by David, as well as television appearances and concert tours throughout Australia, New Zealand and the US. In more recent years David gained his Bachelor of Music in performance, composition and musicology at the University of Melbourne and also his Master of Business Administration at Victoria University. David is currently studying a Diploma of Music Technology at the University of New England. Whilst at the University of Melbourne, David was one of two people out of over 400 who accurately transcribed a complex piano piece by ear and regularly receives commissions for transcription and engraving. He has engraved exam papers and grade books for the Australian Music Examinations Board, a hymnbook for Firbank Grammar School, musical examples for Universal Editions and hundreds of musical examples for a doctoral thesis for which the incumbent won the University of Melbourne Prize for the quality of engraving.

David is currently the organist at the Collins Street Baptist Chuch in Melbourne and works as a composer, arranger, transcriber and engraver. He has written many works for vocal, solo instrumental and orchestral players and his works are played in universities in the US, as well as performed by orchestras around Australia. David has also written music for a couple of small films and completed a short course in writing for film, television and computer games at the Hobart Conservatorium.

Some of the software and libraries used.

David Cundy, composer, arranger, transcriber, engraver, organist, pianist